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Making Solar Affordable

Making Solar Affordable For 
Southeastern North Carolina

Invest in Renewable Energy for Your Home Today

“When there's a huge energy spill, it's just called a 'nice day'” ~ Vote Solar Billboard 

Solar electric panels convert light into electricity with no moving parts. They are designed to produce clean, sustainable power for over 25 years. They will lower your utility bills and reduce your dependency on the power company. Plus, with the use of a SolarEdge Inverter, you will be able to produce power on cloudy days or if your array is partially shaded. As the price of materials drop and the options for financing increases, there isn’t a better time to invest in your future.

Why Choose Sensible Solar?

Sensible Solar is a Wilmington based company that believes in clean energy. We understand that most people would install solar if it was affordable. With our price per watt starting at $2.75 and our promise to use American made panels, we believe more people will invest in solar.

We Are Committed to Customer Satisfaction

“Sensible Solar sets the standard for solar installation projects in Wilmington.  Mr. Hicks brought both an exacting attention to detail and an uncompromising work ethic to bear on our rooftop solar project. He individually wired each of our panels to capture the optimal amount of solar energy and was receptive to using colored panels. The finished product was better aesthetically than what we had envisioned and has an energy output that is far greater than expected. Further, Mr. Hicks' comprehensive approach in finding other sources of energy inefficiency in our home (and solutions for these problems) has resulted in an energy bill that we no longer fear to open each month. We would recommend Sensible Solar without hesitation for any home energy project.”

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